22 June 17: SLM supporting the Colombia-Project of BSF Swissphoto: download PDF

29 May 17: Dr. Daniel Steudler appointed as honorary member in FIG.

At the General Assembly in May 2017 our founding member, Dr. Daniel Steudler has been appointed as honorary member to the International Federation of Surveyors ( Since more than 20 years Daniel contributes in various working group of commission 7 to the advancements of the federation. He elaborated a vision for a future cadastre, together with our former president Juerg Kaufmann. The report "Cadastre 2014" was published in 1998 and later translated in 25 languages. He edited since then various publications and reports for the FIG, inter alia a status report on Cadastre 2014 which was first presented at the FIG Congress 2014 in Kuala Lumpur and published as FIG report 61. The ideas presented in "Cadastre 2014" and in the report on "Spatially Enabled Society" are the conceptual basis and therefore an essential resource for the work of the SLM foundation.

We congratulate Daniel on his appointment as an honorary member and are proud to have him in our foundation.

28 April 17: Report on the World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty  2017.


23 May 16: SLM visited ITU-T (International Telecommunication Union) in Geneva to promote INTERLIS as an int

ernational standard (picture left to right: Dr. Jürg Lüthy SLM, Michael Germann SLM, ITU-T Director Dr. Chaesup Lee).

15 April 16: in the context of a SECO project in Colombia, a new version of LADM implementation with INTERLIS was released ( Colombian specialists were trained in Switzerland with the goal to perform the data exchange using LADM / INTERLIS.

15 March 16: Brown Bag Lunch at World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty 2016: “Increased stability in Land Management as Basis for a Sustainable Economy and Social Development – 20 years of Experiences“  - Hosted by the Swiss Executive Director and the Swiss Land Management Foundation. PDF download.

14 - 18 March: participation at World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty 2016.

2 Feb. 16: World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty 2016 (March 14-18, 2016) - participation of a SLM delegation cofirmed.


24 November 2015: 12th Board Meeting.

8 July 2015: 11th Board Meeting.

4 March 2015: web improvements, search engines.

26 February 2015: 10th Board Meeting.

10 February 2015: website updated.


6 November 2014: Update website.

President Jürg Kaufmann and Michael German traveled to the headquarters of the Dutch Cadastre in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. They discussed the possibilities for a Dutch-Swiss cooperation in using INETERLIS for the modelling of the LADM and the computer-assisted handling of LADM-Profiles and -data.

Dr. Daniel Steudler represented the SLM Foundation at the Annual Meeting 2014 of FIG's Commission 7 in Quebec, Canada. 

President Jürg Kaufmann and Dr. Daniel Steudler were invited as keynote speakers to the EU Permanent Committee on Cadastre (PCC) Plenary Meeting in Athens, Greece.

26 August 2014: 9th Board Meeting.

16 - 21 June 2014: President Jürg Kaufmann, Vice-President Dr. Alexander Kohli, Dr. Daniel Steudler, and Michael Germann attended the XXV FIG Congress of the International Federation of Surveyors, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. More information can be found at  and contributed to the special sessions on Cadastre 2014 and Beyond

Michael Germann and Petra Hellemann entered the foundation council as new members.

16 June 2014: The ISO Land Administration Domain Model (LADM) is now implemented using INTERLIS; here you can download the LADM / INTERLIS fact sheet; the data model can be downloaded from . 

14 June 2014: Think Tank "Dimension Cadastre": Beyond Limits - Go To 4D-imension Cadastre. Reflections, Visions and Expectations for a Dynamic Future Cadastre. A work group of the Federal Directorate of Cadastral Surveying, Conference of Cantonal Cadastral Services (CSCC) and Swiss Engineers and Surveyors (IGS). The report can be downloaded here. 

14 June 2014: Update and new design of website. 

2 July 2014: 8th Board Meeting.

24 - 27 March 2014: Vice-President Dr. Alexander Kohli gave a presentation at the World Bank Annual Conference on Land and Poverty in Washington DC and fostered the SLM Network..

13 Februar 2014: 7th Board Meeting.


5 November 2013: 6th Board Meeting.

27 August 2013: 5th Board Meeting.

8 - 11 April 2013: Vice-President Dr. Alexander Kohli, Dr. Daniel Steudler and Fabian Frei visited the World Bank Annual Conference on Land and Poverty in Washington DC. Dr. Alex Kohli had prepared a presentation on Adjusted Laws to Meet Urban Expansion's Requirements Concerning Sustainable Property Systems while Dr. Daniel Steudler's presentation covered the issue of Structured Approach to Land Issues through Spatially Enabled Society (SES) Elements.

23 April 2013: 4rd Board Meeting.


28 November 2012: 3rd Board Meeting.

26 June 2012: 2nd Board Meeting.

23 - 26 April 2012: President Jürg Kaufmann and Vice-President Dr. Alexander Kohli attended the World Bank Annual Conference on Land and Poverty in Washington DC. Dr. Alex Kohli gave a presentation on Sustainable Land Management based on Fast Approach Cadastral Documentation and Jürg Kaufmann presented on A Lean Cadastral System: Switzerland’s contribution to sustainable land management for poverty reduction.

Dr. Martin Fritsch and Dr. Daniel Steudler participated in the Land Governance Day held at Inforama Rütti, Zollikofen, Switzerland.

2 April 2012: 1st Board Meeting.