Flexible Solutions from Policies to Tools

Land-Use Policy - Valuation - Land Development / Improvement

The reduction of poverty within a society has to be based on a common land use policy. Only a public process starting with valuation leads to optimized land development. Secure investments in land improvement have to rely on a clear policy, which defines the fair share of the given resources. The successful use of land is a combined arrangement of land evaluation, land improvement and land development according to a clearly defined and sustainable policy.

-  Land use policy based on valuation of potential.

-  Secure investments in land improvement based on accepted land use policy.

-  Increased agricultural efficiency through land improvement and consolidation.

Spatial Entities - Urban Planning - Data Acquisition  

To counterbalance the phenomena of depopulation, urban sprawl and peri-urbanization land-use planning legislation is needed. Sustainable land management (SLM) has to rely on the identification of functional spatial entities. As a pre-condition for identifying agricultural, industrial or residential zones as spatial entities, easy data acquisition in land information systems (LIS) is an asset.

Sustainable development is grounded in land improvement and legal certainty.

Spatial planning acts have to be based on updated spatial data.

Transparent land taxation relies on updated land data.

Easy and fast forward data acquisition guarantees updated base maps.