Flexible Solutions from Policies to Tools (cont.)  

Land Administration Policy - Spatial Data Infrastructure - Land Reform Easy Approach Registration 

Every planning action is ultimately based on land property information. Simple access of relevant property information is key for the development of a land market within a community. Land registration and administration may not be an end in itself, but it has to support the development process. A land reform process requires a well accepted land register in order to achieve long term sustainability. Tools for the fast forward registration of land titles, holdings or tenant relations have to be provided. Land administration procedures will allow societies to develop a secured land market and to protect investments.

Accepted land register through actuality, transparency and easy approach.

Clear registration situation as basis for land reforms.

Land administration to enable and develop secure land markets.

Spatial Data Infrastructure - Decision Support - Risk Management - Hazard Prevention  

Climate change is an additional challenge for land management. Disaster management has to be prepared long before a hazard occurs. Wise and adapted land use can do much in respect to hazard prevention. The land use policy follows a comprehensive process, which does not only cover the aspect of economics but also the aspects of environmental compatibility and risk management. To properly evaluate these aspects the influence of topography and land cover must be taken into account. Modern spatial data infrastructure allows a straightforward approach for effective hazard prevention through clear land-use zoning and land-use policy development.

Land use policy takes equally into account the economical, environmental, and risk aspects.

Risk identification such as flood forecasting based on up-to-date remote sensing and earthquake information about the topography and land cover as well as permanent monitoring and change detection.

Hazard zoning requires data evaluation and a spatial data infrastructure.