Flexible Solutions from Policies to Tools (cont.)

Land-Use Policy - Land Access and Rights - Agricultural Production - Food Security - Poverty Reduction 

Reliable land management and land administration are important pre-conditions to enable sustainable agricultural production in favor of the local population. Sustainable land management is therefore one of the core elements in achieving food security and poverty reduction.

Land access and property rights will protect local initiatives and investments for land improvement (e.g. rural infrastructure and irrigation).

Good rural infrastructure and safe land access will stimulate and enable farmers to produce sufficient crops.

Reliable services will allow farmers to protect and manage their harvest and to have access to local markets. This is key for food security, income generation and thus a contribution to poverty reduction.

Sustainable land management will enable rural communities to fight land grabbing.

Sustainable Cooperation - Training and Education 

Long-term success of projects depends on skilled and motivated staff. The motivation comes from sound education and positive professional perspectives. Cooperation projects therefore need a clear vision of staffing, professional development and training.

-  Education on vocational and university level will prevent brain drain.

-  No education without practical training – training on-the-job.

Stable staff situations enables projects to be successful projects.